High Pressure Reactors

Lab Autoclave/Reactors

5 Litre autoclave with lowering & tilting arrangement

Lab Autoclaves are used in laboratories, scientific research institute, universities, for product research and development, further it leads to production scale.

Our Autoclaves are suitable for various High Pressure and Temperature reactions like gas-Liquid, liquid-liquid reactions.

Autoclaves are suitable for reactions like examples below and many more.


Polymerisation Chlorination

Biomass Research


Catalytic Reactions

Biofuel Research

Pilot Plant

25 litre capacity Hydrogenation Pilot Plant with catch pot

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Industrial Reactor

30kl Hydrogenator with internal cooling/ heating coil with external limpet

Our Reactors are designed with high mass transfer area and it withstand high temperature and pressure. We provide specially designed hollow shaft for gas induction reactions, which creates very high gas-liquid contact area by circulating headspace gases, leading to superior mass transfer rates. Agitator is available with two sealing options such as mechanical seal and Magdrive (magnetic seal).