Industrial Dryers

Spray Dryers

Spray drying is a highly efficient drying method with possibility to have close control over the particle size, bulk density and moisture content of the dried powder. The spray drying process consists of atomisation of the liquid feed into fine droplets with the help of spray nozzle/s or rotating disc. These fine droplets are brought in contact with hot air in a suitably designed drying chamber. The liquid gets vaporised and the solid particles in dry form are collected at the bottom of the chamber. The fine particles which are carried by the air are separated either in cyclone separator or bag filter or wet scrubber.

Types of Spray Dryers

Nozzle Spray Dryers

In nozzle type of spray dryers either two fluid nozzles or single fluid pressure nozzles are used for feed atomisation

Application :– Dyestuff, Optical Brightening Agents (OBA), Detergent Powder, Chelates, Instant Tea, Instant Coffee, Skimmed Milk, Whole Milk, Ceramic Slip etc.

Rotary Atomiser Spray Dryers

In rotary atomiser type dryers the atomisation is done with the help of rotating disc atomisers

Application: – Dyestuff, Food Colours, Maltodextrin, Micro- crystalline Cellulose, Zirconium Silicate, Precipitated Silica, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Alfa Olefin Sulphonate (AOS), Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate, Sulphur WDG, Mancozeb WDG, Protein Hydrolysate, Flavours, Herbal Extracts, Spirulina Algae, Yeast, Egg Powder, Fruit Juices, Enzymes, Polymer Emulsions, Formaldehyde resins, H- Acid, Process Effluent / Wastewater, Manganese Sulphate, Basic Chromium Sulphate, Alumina, Bauxite, China Clay(Kaolin), Di Sodium Octoborate Tetrahydrate (DOT), Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC) etc.

Flash Dryers

Flash Dryers evaporate moisture instantaneously with a very low residence time.

Wet Cakes, Powders, Granules, Lumps products are best dried in Flash Dryers. In these dryers, the feed is dispersed in a stream of hot air at significant velocities and are dried.

Application: – Pigments,Optical Brightening Agents (OBA),Intermediates,DASA,6- Acetyl OPASA,H-Acid,OAVS,Para Phenylenediamine,Vinyl Sulphone,Sodium Sulphate,Di Calcium Phosphate,2-4 D Sodium, Glyphosate, Acephate, Starch, Gluten, Fibre, Dextrose, Monohydrate Dextrose Anhydrous,Metallic Stearates, Zinc Borate etc.

Cage Mill Flash Dryers

Flash Dryers evaporate moisture instantaneously with a very low residence time.

When the feed cake is very hard or has a tendency to lump or crust while drying and needs to be simultaneously disintegrated and dried then dryers with Cage Mill disintegrators are used. The advantage of this Dryer is to handle the Hard Cakes, Crusts, and Lumps. In this Type of Dryer, Both the Feed and the Hot Air enter the Cage Mill Dryer simultaneously into the ‘Eye ‘ of the Cage Mill Disintegrator. The Cage Mill design consists of an Vertical Mounted Rotor enclosed in Casing having Stator Plates. This dryer is also commonly called an Attritor Dryer.

Application: – Intermediates, DASA,6- Acetyl OPASA, H-Acid, OAVS, Zinc Borate etc.

Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryers are ideally suited for large capacity applications where feed has an uneven particle size distribution. These Dryers are very Robust and have the Low Maintenance Cost.

The Rotary Dryer is essentially an inclined shell which is rotating. Feed is showered throughout the shell by spirally mounted lifters into a stream of Hot Air. The Rotary Dryer is rotated by means of a girth gear and tyres. Special seals are provided to avoid leakage through the Dryer

Application: – Salt, Quartz, Sodium Sulphate, Sodium Chloride, Animal Manure, Maize Germ, Dextrose Monohydrate, China Clay (Kaolin), Sand, Egg Shells, Bleaching Earth, Bentonite, Barium C etc.

Spin Flash Dryers

Swirl Agitated Flash Dryers are ideal for Drying Sticky, Thixotropic Cakes. In these Dryers the wet feed in introduced in a Swirling Fluid Bed of Material. The Bed is kept in continuous Agitation by means of an Agitator mounted at the bottom. The adequate residence time of Drying is provided in the Dryer. The particle size of the final product can be controlled in this Dryer.

Application: – Pigments, Optical Brightening Agents(OBA), Intermediates, DASA, 6- Acetyl OPASA,H-Acid, OAVS, Sodium Sulphate, Di Calcium Phosphate, 2-4 D Sodium, Glyphosate, Acephate, Gluten, Fibre, Metallic Stearates, Sludge etc.